I was a clumsy pothos vine That found a foothold, followed a path Grew around a door frame Instead of finding my way out. Restless, exploring vines are clingy thieves I couldn’t get where I wanted to go When my nature was that of a vine. -LGF


You were a scab Like a kid I didn’t leave you alone. Each time I picked you off The longer it took to heal -LGF

Our separation was a bud on a tree, tiny green hands cupped around a little thought,  packed with the extra nutrients of anything about to be born. Our separation is now a leaf with the colors of fire,  Dried-out and browning, yet time-tested. The last leaf to fall refuses to be ignored. -LGF

Not My Story To Tell

To the girl trapped in a net, stuck at the bottom of Poseidon’s domain- Still yourself. Quiet yourself. Those fingerprints that burn your collarbone will fade. Advice will come like fishing lines. Silvery fish masking the hooks. Kindly tell them, thank you. But you are not my story to tell. -LGF

An Indian Summer

I hope for an Indian Summer this year Deep in the throws of autumn when I have Almost all but forgotten that day on Assateague How it felt to dive under a wave, a false baptism Of water and salt. I hope for an Indian Summer because  Just one more day, or two before the... Continue Reading →

The Wine Glass

I thought my wine glass was empty. I brought it up high I was standing on a cold concrete floor I didn’t let it fall, I threw it down with force. I sliced open my fingers As I picked up the shards To give them away. It had been able to hold onto a few... Continue Reading →

Sixteen Years

If challenges are dominating their life, they withdraw from the stage of daily struggling and turn their face to their ideas in an ideal and true world. (Aquarius ascent Pieces from Surrounded by trees, alone, lost. You were never actually there. I am not Gretel, but I have also left no crumbs Light rays... Continue Reading →

Summer Storm

Standing on the shore, feet sunk into the sand Over the sea a summer storm approaches My legs are strong, spread, ready A flash of light in my peripheral vision The low grumble, a charge of desire quickens Cool air rushes up the beach Smoothing my worry lines Softly rustling my hair Another flash of... Continue Reading →

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