I was a clumsy pothos vine That found a foothold, followed a path Grew around a door frame Instead of finding my way out. Restless, exploring vines are clingy thieves I couldn’t get where I wanted to go When my nature was that of a vine. -LGF


You were a scab Like a kid I didn’t leave you alone. Each time I picked you off The longer it took to heal -LGF

Not My Story To Tell

To the girl trapped in a net, stuck at the bottom of Poseidon’s domain- Still yourself. Quiet yourself. Those fingerprints that burn your collarbone will fade. Advice will come like fishing lines. Silvery fish masking the hooks. Kindly tell them, thank you. But you are not my story to tell. -LGF


How are you? My conversations can be typed, edited, honed A thousand times before I ever hit send. Does this make me an unreliable narrator? -LGF


I understand now How silence is deafening. At least when we were screaming We still cared. -LGF

Spider Web

The connection between us is a line of spider silk semi-transparent, bending, yet substantial. You yank on our dragline my spinnerets quicken and a mess of thread spills out. -LGF

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