Hiking on Ice

I like winter hiking- from the silence of the woods, to the bright winter light that casts long shadows. It reminds me of cross country skiing when I was a kid in Massachusetts.  Most of Maryland doesn’t get much snow, but this past week we got some snow, then an ice storm, followed by freezing… Read more Hiking on Ice


Life, nature and love are all bursting with patterns. In high school I was drawn to spirals, I doodled them in class, and looked for them in nature. Trees have also always fascinated me, especially the idea of the roots pushing down deeper so the branches can reach higher.  It can be comforting to look… Read more Patterns

Pause, Resume

After my hike in Harper’s Ferry two weeks ago, I was really pumped for hiking every weekend, and this blog and adding a weight vest to my workouts to train for hiking a stretch of the AT. And then a few days after the hike, I was leaving a friend’s house, missed a step and… Read more Pause, Resume

My Apology to Marjorie

I can’t even use your language to say sorry Your Eckleburg eyes framed by glasses twice their size Send unconditional light and love despite my fuck ups. I know my affairs with Didi and Gogo left you ignored and Marjorie I tried to love myself enough to stay in a loveless marriage for you. I… Read more My Apology to Marjorie


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