Sixteen Years

If challenges are dominating their life, they withdraw from the stage of daily struggling and turn their face to their ideas in an ideal and true world. (Aquarius ascent Pieces from

Surrounded by trees, alone, lost.

You were never actually there.

I am not Gretel, but I have also left no crumbs

Light rays trickling through the canopy

Spotlights on my solitude.

I am not in the cabin from the ad on Instagram

(Instagram knows me better than you)

Fingers are not interlaced, nor legs dancing intertwined

Like the tree branches above. 

I am alone. You are not with me.

determined, freelance, liberal, independent, non-conventional, progressive, creative, enthusiastic, bright, idealistic, and sensitive (Strengths of Aquarius from 

Sixteen years and you were never there-

We never actually danced in the kitchen.

I looked at you with passion burning in my eyes

On the steps of a museum, at a wedding- I felt nothing.

(it made an amazing photo)

We hiked mountains, fell asleep under the stars.

We have been alone in a red, dusty desert

And crammed into tight spaces in bars in Ireland.

I have taken you on thousands of journeys,

But you were never actually there. 

restless, distracted, extravagant, disloyal, untrue, fanatic, stubborn, immoral, depraved, rebellious, confused, and frantic (Weaknesses of Aquarius from

We are two oscillating fans, and we are out of sync.

You are the death grip on an old knot –

Never fastened with care, attention to detail or patience.

I left you a thousand years ago, when I tasted true independence

Even if I am physically here

(I’m never actually here)

I am alone, writing my poems as the sun rises

Sipping black coffee from an old college mug.

You were never actually there. 


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