Summer Storm

Standing on the shore, feet sunk into the sand

Over the sea a summer storm approaches

My legs are strong, spread, ready

A flash of light in my peripheral vision

The low grumble, a charge of desire quickens

Cool air rushes up the beach

Smoothing my worry lines

Softly rustling my hair

Another flash of light

A growl

A tightening

I form my thighs and steady my stance

Rain begins to fall

The sky becomes a show of heartbeats

Electrical energy ready to explode

The wind aggressively pushes up against me

Slips between my legs, I push back

Lightening strikes the sea,

Sand shifts beneath my feet

The knot tightens deep within me and

A roar of thunder compresses it more

Pressing down on me the storm

Releases a bolt

Rips into me

Delightfully unfastens my knot

Leaves me pulsing with current


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