Wine Tasting

Look. Smell. Taste. Think.

Glancing through the cool translucent yellow

Blurring what lies beyond

A ring of light around the edge

Long legs run down the side

Tantalizing, promising refreshment

I long to sip the cool, crisp wine

Look. Smell. Taste. Think.

I pull it close, timid at first

Amateur, I try a sniff and nothing

I swirl it around, open it up and turn you on

One long hard inhale and you’re in my nose

I can almost taste you

A new combination of fruit, earth and wood

Look. Smell. Taste. Think.

I sip you for the first time, astonishing

I hold you in my mouth anxious

Your sequence, exhilarating

Bright, acidic, arousing

Another sip, lively, another, pleasing

Another, nice. By empty glass, familiar.

Look. Smell. Taste. Think

I drank the wine and tasted the fruit

Grapefruit, or was that cinnamon?

Earth notes? I don’t pretend to care

Novice of wines I must admit, but

What I like best are the first few sips

Of a tantalizing unknown spirit 

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