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Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May- William Shakespeare

It’s been a long, dry winter

I’m ready to be your first warm, humid spring day

That first day when we all stay out as long as possible

The skin on your arms gulps at the humidity

Let that be me; your skin can drink my moisture, be in my warmth

At the first signs of spring, we exhale slowly, thankfully

The first tiny buds of April that hold promise of easier days

We picture the leaves back, the green in the sky

Lazily we walk under the still patchy canopies

Let that be me; I will cover you like an incomplete awning  

The desire for the new season becomes so great,

I realize that I had become desperate for the vernal equinox

A chill in a breeze, however brief, reminds me we are not there

And the knot in my lotus tightens once more

Let that be you; untie my entanglements and I will bloom


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